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What Sinners Love – Eva Ashwood

All it took to blow my world apart was a single word.

A name.


Like a patchwork reforming in my mind, snapshots of my past are starting to filter back. And with every piece I remember, fury grows inside me like a hurricane.

The man who captured me wants to bury the past, and me along with it. But I’m not afraid of him. I won’t let him hide his secrets in the dark.

Because I’m not alone anymore.

For the first time in my life, I have people in my corner. Declan and Elias knew it long before I could see it, and Gray has finally realized the truth just like I have—we’re stronger together. We’ll have to be to hunt down the monsters that stalk me.

There are people in this town who are rotten to the core, and my Sinners and I are going to burn them down.

We’re going to make them bleed.

We’re going to make them pay.

Even if we have to walk through hell to do it.

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