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The Nightmare – Regine Abel

She was his obsession.

For years, Zain has stalked Naima until she slipped through his fingers. He longs for the delectable taste of her terror and the divine sound of her screams. She occupies his every thought, and he aches for her. Eager to reclaim the only female that can ever complete him, Zain carefully plans his passage into the Mortal Plane. However, when next the Mist rises, instead of hiding from her Nightmare, Naima makes him the most improbable proposition. Is his woman truly surrendering herself to him, or is this a trap to eliminate him for good?

He was her darkest desire.

For a long time, Naima feared the Mist that engulfs the world for three days every month, and especially the monsters that dwell within it. After facing her own demons, she becomes a psychotherapist to help others deal with trauma. When given the opportunity to join the governmental agency that deals with the Mist, she jumps at the chance. Except, she never expected it would mean facing her greatest Nightmare. He’s a bloodthirsty psychopath, with no sense of compassion or empathy. So, why can’t she resist him? Why does he make her crave things she shouldn’t?

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