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Life is Strange Vol. 1: Dust – Andrea Izzo, Claudia Leonardi, Emma Vieceli

Experience an astounding new story in the world of the BAFTA-winning, critically acclaimed videogame 'Life is Strange’, as Max and Chloe return to Arcadia Bay to face an impossible decision – with truly epic consequences.

Following on from one possible ending of the much-loved game, this all-new story, 'Life is Strange: Dust’, finds aspiring photographer Max Caulfield and best friend Chloe Price struggling to build a new life, one year after the shocking events of the storm that swept through Arcadia Bay. When Max seemingly starts travelling in time without her knowledge or control, she and Chloe must return to where their journey began – to uncover the truth, set things right, and confront the ghosts of the past!

Collects 'Life is Strange’ #1-4

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