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Heartless – Jacqueline Pawl

Still reeling from the Assassins’ deadly attack, Mercy, Tamriel, and Calum have no choice but to venture to the wild and war-torn Cirisor Islands for the one ingredient which may cure the deadly plague sweeping the country. They have no idea what they will face in the land of the fabled elves, except that the brutal Cirisians do not hesitate to kill any humans who trespass into their territory.

When secrets, betrayals, and misplaced trust threaten to tear their group apart, Mercy finds herself caught between her desires to protect Tamriel and to expose Calum’s crimes—secrets the sharp-tongued blacksmith will kill to keep hidden. After a Cirisian clan leader takes them hostage, the three of them must work together to ensure that Cassius Baccha’s vision of the cure comes to fruition. They’ll do anything to save Tamriel’s people and right the wrongs the mad king has committed, but first, they have to survive the Islands—and each other.

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